Bright Light Seen Over Hawaii (likely a meteor, possibly a Superbolide?) Reports are still creeping in after a flux of reports on Hawaii Tracker about this bright light seen just after midnight, early this morning. At 00:11:38am a light source illuminated the sky around Hawai'i Island. One astron... View Post

Lt. Gov. Josh Green Visits Kupuna - Mauna Kea

Lt Gov Josh Green is calling for de-escalation and a removal of all armed police from the area. Furthermore, Green said the time is approaching for a “reckoning” to determine whether the TMT project can go forward. “The people with the most wisdom feel we can’t go forward without cracking the... View Post

Waimanu Valley Visual Video by Isaac Krakauer

This same thing happened in Puna and the power was promptly abused to keep local residents away from even observing the slow moving disaster. It was also used to keep the press and local residents from documenting the historic volcanic eruption among many other things. Now it's being used to give... View Post

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